Finite Element Analysis

A variety of FEA solutions are available dependent on the requirements of our customers.  Quick component tests to body position – full assembly tests are available.


Products are tested at the component and system level by ISO 17025 accredited laboratories to ensure they meet or exceed industry and customer standards. Typical tests include static & dynamic load, environmental testing, coated substrate testing, and retention testing.

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Computer Aided Design

In-house CAD design and development capabilities that are fully compatible with OEM data including Solidworks and NX.

Secure Data Transfer/Translation

Math data is securely transferred via J-Mark’s FTP site or TRUexchange Secure File Transfer service. J-Mark has the capability of translating and performing import diagnostics on all file types, including Catia, STEP, IGES, Parasolid, Solid Edge, Inventor, PTC, Creo, DXF, and many others.


Class A Painting

We specialize in providing accessories to automotive OE’s with Class A paint finishes, to match the color, gloss, and quality produced by automotive production facilities.



All inventory is stored in a secured, temperature controlled warehouse, and safeguarded from fire, theft, and other common warehouse issues.

Plastic Injection Molding

We employ a network of tool shops and injection molders that provide the quality and attention to detail expected in the OE automotive industry. Resins are available to meet any customer requirements, and components can be molded ready for paint, or textured with UV stabilized resins for Mold-in-Color applications.

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Synchronous Modeling

In-house design utilizes the latest in synchronous 3D modeling technologies.

2D Drawing Creation

Mechanical 2D drawings created for all components and assemblies to ASME Y14.5M and/or customer standards.


Custom Gages

To ensure the highest level of quality, component and/or assembly gages are designed for variable and/or attribute data collection. Gages are customized to meet budget constraints, timing, operator ergonomics, critical features and simulation requirements. Dimensional analysis and Gage R&R results are completed and available to customers before release into production.

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Full Design and Development capabilities building close tolerance, complex product assembly models according to OEM specifications.

J-Mark utilizes a wide collection of manufacturing processes to meet customer needs, for products ranging from simple one piece kits to complex assemblies requiring 150+ components and multiple manufacturing technologies.

J-Mark creates custom packaging solutions that minimize cost while providing the best protection for the customer's product all while minimizing the environmental impact of the packaging.

J-Mark's experience in Contract Assembly and inventory management provides our customers cost effective Third Party Packaging Solutions.

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Production Tooling Development

Our Engineering staff works closely with suppliers sourced to produce components, to ensure tooling is built to industry and/or customer specification, and incorporate internal best practices.


Blow Molding

Capable of producing large blow molded components ready for paint, with molded attachments features.



When costs are restrictive, components large or small may be thermoformed. Resin stock is available to meet any customer requirements, and components can be molded using paintable stock, or textured, UV stabilized stock for Mold-in-Color applications.

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Aluminum Extruding

Custom profiles are designed to meet customer and project requirements. Open and closed profiles are regularly produced with mill finish or an appearance finish ready for chrome plating or powder coat.


Chrome Plating

Aluminum or steel substrates are chrome plated to customer requirements, ensuring lasting protection in the most corrosive environments.


Stamping & Forming

Custom shapes are designed in-house to ensure final product is feasible for tooling. Capabilities range from simple blade style brackets with formed tabs, to deep draw applications that require more strength.


Tube Bending & Forming

Aluminum or steel profiles can be formed, laser cut, and welded to create assemblies ready for paint, powder coat, or chrome plating.


Electrocoating & Powder Coating

Aluminum and steel substrates are e-coated and/or powder coated per customer specifications, to meet corrosion resistance requirements.


Ultrasonic Welding

TPO weldments are commonly designed when molding of attachment features is not feasible or read-thru to appearance surfaces is a concern.


Diamond Plate Aluminum Products

Aluminum sheet can be formed into a variety of products including splash guards, tailgate protectors, assist steps, end caps, front bumper covers, and bed rails.


Assembly & Secondary Operations

Variety of secondary operations available, including final assembly/unitize packaging, foam tape application, trimming, drilling, deburring, orbital riveting, ultrasonic welding (manual and robotic), badge/emblem installation, paint masking, polishing, plasma cutting, welding (manual and robotic), machining, stamping (pierce, bend, draw, etc.), riv nut installation, protective film installation and much more.

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Reducing Costs & Improving Efficiency

We have a long history of incorporating new or emerging manufacturing processes to better serve our customers and meet their target pricing. Many of the programs that we’ve been awarded over the years were due to our ingenuity and expertise for delivering the best product at the best price.

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Customized Bulk Packaging

Bulk packaging is designed to be product specific and returnable. This prevents damage during transportation between manufacturing processes and final assembly, and reduces waste.


Custom Unitized Packaging

Finished good final packaging is designed to be product specific, and prevent damage during transportation between J-Mark and the customer. Packaging designs are validated by 3rd party laboratories and the customer for drop tests, vibration, and bridge testing.

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Packaging Materials

A wide variety of materials are used to ensure products are adequately protected and environmentally sound, including but not limited to corrugated cartons, die cut corrugated assemblies, closed and open cell foams, polyethylene bags and sheets, paper products, and corrugated blocks.

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Packaging Design

Final packaging design is an area where many companies fall short of customer expectations, since it can be an afterthought and not well planned. At J-Mark, final packaging is just as important as component quality, since it directly affects customer satisfaction with delivered products. We consistently design packaging within quoted budgets, on time, and have provided solutions to our customers for eliminating shipping damage and reducing costs for existing packaging.

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Error Proofing

Error proofing methodologies are utilized throughout manufacturing and packaging design, to eliminate potential issues. This ensures our customers receive the products as expected, and eliminates costly mistakes, product holds, and additional inspections.


Third Party Packaging

Extensive experience in inventory management and an ample warehouse allow us to offer Third Party Packaging solutions to our customers. Commodities large and small, with various levels of assembly required before unitizing are always welcome.

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The Right People to Manage Your Project

Each project is assigned an Engineering Program Lead, based on the type of manufacturing required and the Lead’s expertise and experience level. Whatever the project or challenge, we look forward to making it successful for our customers and completed on time!

Programs are managed from contract award to final product shipment using both internal and external manufacturing technologies.


Advanced Product Quality Planning is used as a means to easily communicate the program requirements to all stakeholders.  


Program timing is closely monitored and managed for in-house operations and all Tier II suppliers, ensuring consistent completion of program milestones.

Risk Assessment & Feasibility

Risk assessment and feasibility is evaluated early on using a core team approach, allowing shorter and more streamlined project development time. 

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Product Lifecycle Management

PLM is managed through Siemens Teamcenter. All 2D and 3D data is also safeguarded on secure J-Mark servers, and can be supplied to customer in any preferred format.

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3D Printing

Before designs are finalized and tools are built, samples are 3D printed using a wide variety of materials (ABS, PLM, Nylon, etc.) to ensure assemblies fit as intended, and provide customers immediate hands-on examples of the product.


Metallic Samples

Metal components are produced by laser cutting or water jet, and formed to specification for initial testing and review.

J-Mark utilizes multiple technologies to create prototypes and validation test samples.

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Simulated Installation

Simulation fixtures are commonly developed for testing components and assemblies when final attachment must be simulated due to unavailability of vehicle, test chamber size restrictions, or expedited testing is required.

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Order Processing

We pride ourselves on processing orders to meet customer requirements, and being able to quickly react to same day order changes, ensuring our customers receive the products they want on time.


Order Fulfillment

A dedicated order fulfillment center located within our finished good warehouse allows multiple truck shipments to be staged and organized simultaneously.


Commitment to Excellence

We continually strive to exceed our customer’s expectations, and are commonly awarded for our “Outstanding Performance” in product quality and on time delivery.

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Complex Assemply Design

J-Mark specializes in the design and Engineering of products that require multiple components and manufacturing technologies.  Our Engineering team has the knowledge, organization, and discipline to coordinate such projects on time and within budget.  Product attachment is fully customized for a no-drill installation, without the use of special tools, and designed with service in mind.