Discover the frequently asked questions customers have as they engage with J-Mark's services.

What is your Product Development Process?

Our customers usually bring us concept ideas for a functional or cosmetic accessory early in the development phase.  Our engineers review customer visions and conduct a Design for Manufacturability (DFM) process.  We collaborate with our customers to select exciting materials and designs which will support enduring economical production and satisfaction of the final product.

What industry segments does J-Mark serve and are they only about “accessories”?

J-Mark’s expertise in accessories manufacturing extends into a wide range of contract manufacturing applications as well.  J-Mark is a great choice for any mechanical or structural sub-assembly requiring a wide range of materials or components.  Automotive, Marine, Powersports, Industrial Equipment and more.

What materials & processes do you utilize for manufacturing accessories?

J-Mark’s supplier network is at hand to supply castings, extrusions, plastic molded, blow molded, stamped, spun or vulcanized components. Steel, plastic, aluminum, plastic, rubber, fabric or anything you can vison, J-Mark will deliver reality.

Our company needs accessories to be rugged and attractive. Can J-Mark handle that?

We separate ourselves from the competition by offering in-house powder & liquid painting; plus, e-coating and priming to provide world-class durability and attractive finishes to your customers’ expectations.

Can you handle rush orders or large-volume production requests?

Customers with unpredictable or seasonal needs appreciate J-Mark’s flexibility in customer service and min-max on-site stocking services to fill surprise orders quickly and ramp-in sustainable production volumes to satisfy customers using lean manufacturing techniques.

How do you ensure the quality and performance of your accessories.

In addition to holding an IATF-16949 certification, J-Mark Products incorporates mistake proofing into our production assembly processes during product launch & development. J-Mark’s dedicated supplier management team rigorously fosters pro-active prevention relationships, ensuring that our contractors have control plans in place to deliver timely and accurate order fulfillment to safeguard our customers.

How does J-Mark ensure fair and competitive pricing?

Participating in the program from the outset, implementing Design for Manufacturability (DFM), maintaining high standards in tooling, and consistently striving for improvement all contribute to our ability to control costs throughout the supply chain. This commitment ensures that our customers continue to benefit from their relationship with J-Mark for years to come.